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Animal control in Knoxville TN for cat or a dog issues is handled by the county animal control center. Contact your local animal control center. Those are the folks who handle issues with domestic animals such as cats and dogs. The Animal Control Knoxville TN line is 865-215-2444 give them a call and let them know the issue at hand. However if you are calling for animal control in  Knoxville tn for issues such as skunks, raccoon, bats or other wildlife issues then you have come to the right place.

animal control knoxville tn

Willies Wildlife Control Service handles “Wildlife Issues” Many folks do not realize that there are actually two different services. County Animal control services usually do not handle wildlife issues and usually not equipped to do so. The state of Tennessee only allows certified Animal Damage Control Operators to handle wildlife issues. Please note this is not a free service and again Knox County animal control can not legally deal with wildlife issues.

We tackle issues such as skunks, raccoon, coyote, groundhogs, birds, reptiles bats and any more. Most often when someone is seeking animal control in Knoxville its because they heard something in the attic or under the house. Knoxville resident homes are prone to many different species invading them. 

Most folks do not realize that a city is an ideal habitat for a lot of creatures. In fact one home can be host to many different type animals at one. For example when a racoon opens a hole in a roof or beneath a house, there can be other species such as squirrel moving into the attic or skunks moving in beneath. The best way to determine what the cause might be is to have one of our technicians come out and take a look.

Most often when you call one of the BIG pest control companies they don’t take the same kind of approach that we do to your problem. BIG companies just want to get in and get out. We take the time to show you, the customer WHY that animal got in there, HOW it got in there and what we can do to remove it and prevent it from happening again. 

We don’t punish the animal, we simply find a humane way to remove it and discourage it from coming back. Many customers are concerned about the wildlife’s wellbeing. Hey we get it, we love wildlife too. That is why our technicians will take the time to discuss this with you in depth.  Education is part of our service to the customer. 

Wildlife can be confusing and sometimes trick us, don’t worry we will figure out the problem and get it solved in an economic, humane and ethical manner.

Many wildlife issues can be solved with simple exclusion methods and a little bit of discouragement. This way you can solve your intrusion problems but still be able to enjoy the wildlife around your home. It can be enjoyable watching wildlife but it can also get expensive when they begin to break in to YOUR habitat. 

Wildlife intrusions also come with the risk of wildlife diseases. Our technicians are well trained in those areas and will go over this with you at the time of inspection. If there is a risk of any type we will offer methods if eliminating that risk. We can apply disinfectant that can eliminate viruses and bacteria making your home safe again.

So how much does all this cost you ask? Well we are up front about that too. Prices can vary according to the job and the problem. For example a small squirrel issue may cost around $99 while a serious problem with multiple raccoon infestation may cost upwards to $399 or more. 

The bigger question is how much will it cost you in the long run if you don’t fix the problem now. Once animals are inside they have a tendency to continue to do damage long term and the longer they are there, the higher the risk for a wildlife disease becomes. Bites from wildlife can be the biggest concern, if you have wildlife “inside the home” please contact us immediately. 

Give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch with us. If you hear others mention Animal Control Knoxville Tn let them know if its Wildlife problem then we are your answer!

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