Willie's Wildlife Control Service

The Dangers of Coyote

Many people love to watch the coyotes play, we get it but there are some real dangers you need to be aware of. Coyotes are responsible for killing domestic animals nearly nearly every day across the nation. 

Often peoples unsuspecting cat or dog becomes prey to a pack of coyote. Many people don’t think of this when they see them about. They see them playing, yelping and frolicking in the woods. In fact they sometimes use this playful nature to lure in your pets.

We often have so many  people tell us that we are wrong about the dangers. We don’t wish to alarm the public but we do want you to understand that coyotes are predators. They will prey upon domestic animals when the chance arises.

This predatory nature becomes even stronger during winter months when food is scarce. The coyote will find a domestic animal, begin to play and taunt it and this action lures your pet into range for the pack to attack.

In order to avoid such a situation we advise pet owners to keep pets inside fenced areas or to keep them on a leash. When allowing your pet to play outside stay close to them as coyote most often wont approach when a human is present.

If you see coyote near your home on a regular basis we encourage you to take precautions to protect your pet. If you feel your pet is in danger, give us a call.