Willie's Wildlife Control Service

Knoxville Animal Control

You hear a bump in the night, it’s in the attic! What could it be? You hear scurrying feet and you leap out of bed to call Knoxville Animal Control only to find out, they don’t handle wildlife issues. So now what will you do? You will call Willies Wildlife Control.

Most people think that Knoxville Animal control handles all animal issues however that is not the case. Tennessee wildlife is a very very different matter when it comes to being able to trap them or exclude them. Knoxville Animal control only handles domestic animal issues such as cats and dogs. 

So why can’t Knoxville Animal control come help you with this pesky Raccoon? Well as stated previously there are a lot of other issues at hand here. Some of the folks with Knoxville Animal Control may be certified to handle wildlife however the city will not pay for that. Then you have regulations you have to consider when it comes to wildlife issues. Rabies, TWRA regulations on particular species, insurance issues and so much more.

In Tennessee some wildlife cant not be released such as Raccoon, Fox and Skunks due to rabies concerns. This ads burden on city services if they took these kinds of jobs. Certain species of bats can not be excluded during particular months and when it comes to deer in your garden, there really isn’t much that Knoxville Animal control can do about that one.

Willies Wildlife Control is a Tennessee wildlife control service that specializes in wildlife issues. We handle things like squirrel, groundhog, skunk, coyote, raccoon and so much more. We can do bat exclusions, issues with birds, geese etc. If the issues is wildlife then you come to the right place.

So what is it that sets Willies Wildlife apart from other services you ask? Well first and foremost we care about wildlife, in fact we love wildlife. Our technicians often strive to find a solution that benefits both man and the wildlife. Our goal is never to punish an animal but to find a solution that will stop wildlife damage or those scary encounters. Lets face it, a raccoon on your porch in the middle of the night can be alarming if you don’t expect it. (We think they are trained Ninjas)

We have spent many years out in the wilderness, we have learned how wildlife travels, how they think and this relates to how to solve your problems. Often a solution is as simple as modifying the surroundings just a bit to encourage them to move along. Sometimes it may requires some constructed barriers. In all cases we strive to educate the client on these matters as well so that once we leave they will be confident that can handle the situation from there.

In addition to all the above we also “educate” the animal to stay away from the location either by habitat modification as mentioned above or by repelling the wildlife using various non lethal methods. Some of these methods include sounds as well as scents or decoys such as an owl to scare away squirrels.

If the matter comes to trapping, we will utilize humane methods to capture the offending animal. This will in many cases be a cage trap however circumstances sometimes require other trap methods in which our technician will discuss with you.

So as you see when it comes to wildlife issues you have many options to choose from and in most cases these will be covered by your homeowners insurance. If you are renting then your landlord should have means in place to cover such matters. 

So if you find yourself facing a wildlife control issue, remember you can ask Knoxville Animal control for advice but when you need solutions, just give us a call here at Willies Wildlife and one of our technicians will get started on a solution for you right away.