Willie's Wildlife Control Service

Knoxville Animal Control

Knoxville Animal Control You hear a bump in the night, it’s in the attic! What could it be? You hear scurrying feet and you leap out of bed to call Knoxville Animal Control only to find out, they don’t handle wildlife issues. So now what will you do? You will call Willies Wildlife Control. Most … Read more

How to Get Rid of Beaver

how to get rid of beaver

How to Get Rid of Beaver How to get rid of beaver (Castor canadensis), its the question that many frustrated land owners ask. Beaver are beneficial to the environment as they create wetland habitats for many other species. However they can be very destructive as well and then effective beaver control becomes necessary. There are … Read more

Dangers of Coyote

The Dangers of Coyote Many people love to watch the coyotes play, we get it but there are some real dangers you need to be aware of. Coyotes are responsible for killing domestic animals nearly nearly every day across the nation.  Often peoples unsuspecting cat or dog becomes prey to a pack of coyote. Many … Read more